My opinion about the movie. Mi opinión sobre la película.

Not suitable for intolerant people  or people who can’t  stand the critics LOL  😉

Sí se van a poner de “profundos y con mensaje” mejor ni le hagan click   😉 jajaja

I had the opportunity to see the film during the Morelia Film Festival . Not only was the first time the film was shown commercially, but also was the first time I attended to the festival. I must say I hoped to meet Javier Bardem, but I was disappointed.

The inaguration was full of mistakes and disorganization. I did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Actually I wouldn’t attend again. Sorry!


Before I begin my review I must comment that I am a person who sees movies for fun and I try to have a good time. In fact, I don’t really pay attention of what critics or people say about a movie. I do not intend to do convince people to see or not see something. But here is my personal opinion about this movie:  😉

Well,let’s get to the point…I didn’t like Biutiful.


– It is a film that has no logic, the story leaves many loose ends

– People say it is Javier Bardem’s best performance. In my opinion … it’s not. I say this because I’ve seen ALL his movies, not only “No Country …” and / or “Vicky Cristina …”. Javier’s best performances: “Before Night Falls” and “Mar Adentro”. In Biutiful Javier is okay, but nothing more

– The film is full of scenes that could very well be in the editing room. Removing them would not have damaged the story

– Is a very long film (138 minutes is too much). At the middles of the movie many people were playing with their cell phones and other ones were sleeping.

– There is no empathy with the characters. Biutiful made me feel … nothing. I never felt a connection with the characters. The only character that made me feel something was the child who played Javier’s son.

– The sound is terrible.

Sorry, I love Javier’s work, but this time he didn’t convince me. I hope you can see the movie soon and share your opinion, ok. 😉


Tuve la oportunidad de ver la película durante el Festival de Morelia. No sólo era la primera vez que se mostraba la película a nivel comercial, sino también era la primera vez que asistía a dicho festival. Debo decir que tenía la esperanza de conocer a Javier Bardem, pero me lleve una gran decepción.

A falta de Javier Bardem, trajeron a Terry Gilliam, quien fue confundido con Javier, y por si fuera poco, le pidieron decir unas palabras, a pesar que no hablaba español. La gente que veíamos este show, no sabíamos si reír o llorar de tantos errores.

La proyección estaba programada para las seis de la tarde, pero fue comenzando una hora más tarde. Honestamente, después de todo esto, no me quedaron ganas de ir nuevament, ni mucho menos de recomendar este evento. Lo siento, pero las cosas como son, y eso que no conte sobre la gente “tan educada” que asitió a ver la película. Yo les recomendarían que esperaran a que las películas se estrenen en sus estados y/o países o esperen el lanzamiento en DVD.

No me quedaron ganas de regresar, sorry!

Una vez dicho lo anterior, prosigo…

Sí había una película que esperaba desde que la estaban filmando, esa era Biutiful.

Debo comentar que soy una persona que ve películas para divertirse y pasar un buen rato, lo que digan los críticos o la gente no me importa. Mi intención no es hacerle al crítico de cine y mucho menos pretendo hacer más “profunda y con mensaje” a la gente y convencerla de ver o no ver algo.

En pocas palabras…Biutiful no me gustó


– Es una película que no tiene lógica, la historia deja muchos cabos sueltos.

– Tiene un principio, pero nunca le encontre el desarrollo, climax y final.

– La gente afirma que es la mejor actuación de Javier Bardem. En mi opinión… no la es. Y me atrevo a decirlo porque yo sí he visto TODAS las películas de Javier, no solamente he visto “No country…” y/o “Vicky Cristina…”. Las mejores actuaciones de Javier son en “Before Night Falls” y “Mar Adentro”. Hasta ahora, no ha podido superar esas actuaciones. En Biutiful Javier está bien, pero nada más.

– La película está llena de escenas que muy bien pudieron quedar en el cuarto de edición. Quitarlas no hubieran dañado la historia.

– Es una película muy larga (138 minutos es demasiado). Muchas de las personas en el cine, mejor se pusieron a revisar sus celulares y otras de plano se durmieron.

– No hay empatía con los personajes. Al ver Mar Adentro o Before Night olvidaba que veía a Javier y a los demás actores. Las historias te hacía sentir algo, Biutiful me hizo sentir…nada. Nunca sentí una conexión con los personajes. El único personaje que me hizo sentir algo fue el niño que sale como hijo de Javier.

– El sonido es horrible.

– ¿Cuál es el objetivo de que Javier le haga a la Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer) o a la Patricia Arquette (Medium)? Perdón, pero “mi no entender” jajaja

Lo siento, me encanta el trabajo de Javier, pero en esta ocasión no me convenció.

Ojalá puedan verla pronto y podamos discutir el tema. Claro, de manera civilizada, porque hay cada persona por ahí jajaja 😉


7 thoughts on “My opinion about the movie. Mi opinión sobre la película.

  1. You shouldn’t appologize for not liking the movie, I prefer people to be honest about what they see and not to build it up because their favourite actor is in it. Sorry that your experience at the festival was not great and that you didn’t get to see Javier, hopefully the trip didn’t cost an arm and leg.
    I probably won’t get to see the movie until next year, I like more artsy movies so I’m hoping to like it, though there are some that I just turn off because they are to weird. I’ve heard talks of re-editing the movie for the states, so it will be interesting to see if that is done. I’ve seen all of Inarritu’s movies and also his old writing partners movie from last year and some of them I like the first one in spanish being my favorite and 21 Grams being my least favorite. My favorite Javier movie is Mondays in the Sun and I did finally get a copy of Jamon Jamon which was crazy fun.

  2. Where have you heard about the re-editing for the States? Maybe, they should re-edit it for everywhere and not just for the States.LOL
    It’s out in France and Mexic this week and being so dark, long and messy, it seems that can only perform bad at BO, at this point. But movie like this aren’t supposed to do decent at BO, I guess. From Inarritu I haven’t seen Amores perros, I liked 21 Grams instead but not Babel.
    About Bardem’s performance in Biutiful, Sara wrote it’s “OK, but nothing more”…I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t know of course, but in the scenes I could see he seems very good ….so, very likely this won’t be his best performance, but seems far better than just OK to me.

  3. I can’t remember which story I read about the re-editing it was one of the stories on the imdb Biutiful news board, of course again whether it’s true or just a writer making something up. I’m not thrilled about the over 2 hours part of the movie, I hate super long movies and feel most of them could be cut down to a shorter time.
    Amores Perres is a pretty good movie, the only story I like from 21 grams is the Benicio Del Torro story line, Babel ehh, I’m not a Brad Pitt fan, the story line with the two boys was good.
    I feel Javier will probably get a Oscar nom but probably not win, if it was with Miramax he would have a better chance, the Weinstein PR department goes into overdrive at Oscar time.
    I just wonder if he has any other films lined up after the Mallick film, if not it could be a couple of years until he has anything else coming out..bummer. Of course he could be filming in Oklahoma until next year, I guess there is not script for this current film, I read were Affleck was ad-libbing a scene.

  4. About the Oscar nom, I don’t know, it seems very difficult, he’s in a small and dark foreign language movie with divisive reviews.
    As far as the Malick movie, on Imdb I read they only will shoot until the end of November.
    It doesn’t seem he has projects in a near future.

  5. I am not going to comment on the review or the film since I haven’t see it yet. I do think that the comment about re-editing is not true. At the Cannes FF the Weinsteins were interested in the film but didn’t buy it. Perhaps they would have wanted it to be edited but I am sure that Inarritu didn’t want that. Perhaps other distributors wanted that as well and that may be why it took a while to get a distributor. But Roadside Attractions is an edgy small distributor with guts. I don’t want the film to be cut down. Biutiful is not a film for everyone. It is not a blockbuster or crowd pleaser. It won’t make tons of money. I love Inarritu’s work and I am sure that I will love this film. Some people love it and some people really don’t like it. There is no right or wrong. It is a matter of taste.

  6. I do believe Iñarritu exaggerated when he compared this movie with Buñuel’s movie “Los Olvidados”. Have you seen it? There is not comparison. In spanish I would say: “me tapo un ojo, me tapo el otro… y nada que ver!” LOL
    Biutiful was chosen over another movie (El Infierno *The Hell*) to compete for the Academy Awards.
    Well, if you have the chance see both films and we could exchange opinions, ok? 😉

  7. I’ll have to check out those other two movies if they are out yet and netflix has them. Finding foreign movies in small town USA is not easy, I actually have the oscar foreign film winner from last year in my que right now. I’m always looking for good movie suggestions.
    And I agree POP I don’t think Inaritu wouldn’t re-edit either, I can’t wait to see Biutiful.

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