One more clip. Un video más.

I posted a link of an interview on twitter.

Puse el link de una entrevista a Javier en el twitter.

Source, fuente: twitter


7 thoughts on “One more clip. Un video más.

  1. In the article with the video-interview they quote him saying that “he’s the most important Hispanic-american actor of the last 20 years”, but this isn’t in the video. Why? I find strange he would say a sentence like that. I mean, while we can’t really know what he thinks, he always talks humble enough about him as an actor…so I can’t imagine him saying a thing like that in an interview. Maybe the interviewer said it and he replied it jokingly…or something like this. And then….when he became an Hispanic-american actor? He’s an European actor, a Spanish actor. Spaniards, like Italians, are Latins…so he’s a Latin actor but, certainly, not an Hispanic-american actor.

  2. I read the interview with my google translator and was suprised to see that, did he actually say that in the interview, unfortunately they don’t have subtitles on video for pc yet:)?

  3. I’m betting it was whoever wrote the story, not Javier, he just doesn’t seem like that kind of guy. I always take what written reporters say at half truth, unless I see the person say something on video. I really can’t see him calling himself hispanic either.

    • At any time you hear the questions, only answers.
      From what I can deduce (only by listenign the answers. BTW the audio was terrible), they asked about working with Iñarritu; about the most difficult scene to do and other things I don’t rememeber right now, but I remember the reporter never asked anything about his status as an actor.

  4. I was thinking the same thing. That’s why I posted a comment on twitter, pointed out all this.
    First, the audio is horrible, then in which part of the interview he said that??? *confused*
    You are complety right, Javier won’t say that.
    There is another interview when they said “Javier confirms his participation in film about miners”.
    When you see the interview he says he knows nothing, that the press made up the story. So what’ up? did he say it or not?
    Anyway *rolling eyes* LOL

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