I haven’t updated the site because I went to the Morelia film festival. Yes, I’ve already seen Biutiful. I’ll tell you everything in the next hours, I’ll also update all the events he attended during his quick visit to this festival.

See you soon 😉

No he actualizado la página porque estoy llegando del festival de Morelia. Así es, ya ví “Biutiful”. Les contaré todo en las próximas horas, ok?

Los veo pronto  😉


7 thoughts on “Updates/Actualizaciones

  1. Oh My God how exciting, how was the film and did you get to see Javier in person, from the pics he’s looking good. I can’t wait to hear your full report.

    • Cat,

      My plan was to meet Javier but the organizers changed everything. The original plan was that Javier and Iñarritu were there to present the movie. But at the end, Javier stayed with the press giving some interviews.
      So, for the opening were Iñarritu & Terry Gilliam. Everybody was expecting to meet Javier but nothing.
      Damn, I’m still pissed off. I met everybody but Javier 😦

  2. That sucks, i was reading the interview that was below the video you posted and it sounded like even the reporters didn’t know if they were getting to interview him , it was all last minute. I guess the flew him down in a private plane from the states and he had to get back to Oklahoma to continue filming the Malick film.
    I can’t wait to hear your review of the movie, I’m hoping it gets some good reviews, there is a better chance of it getting more theatres in the states if that happens.

    • The situation was this: Javier arrived to the festival in a private plane. It seems that Malick was upset because Javier had to be absent from the set.
      The press conference was delaying and therefore all the activities were too.
      About the reporters it’s true, this morning I listened to a journalist who interviewed Javier Bardem, he said they had 15 minutes, and the interview turned in only 3 minutes. At night Javier had to leave at 11 pm but he left the place until 11.30pm.
      This Wednesday the interview I told you about is going to be broadcast, I’ll kepp you posted.
      About the review of the movie I will post it this Friday 😉

  3. Wow, he’s got a lot of promotion coming up in the next couple of months for Biutiful. Since he’s the main character he’s pretty much going to have be at premiers, as he pointed out in his Esquire interview Biutiful needs his help. Hopefully mallick will be more understanding, he will expect Javier to help promote his movie when it comes out (in probably 2-3 years with mallick’s record:) Can’t wait for the review I’ve loved all of Inarritu’s movies.

    • Hopefully mallick will be more understanding, he will expect Javier to help promote his movie when it comes out (in probably 2-3 years with mallick’s record:)

      Yes, I was reading that this movie will be released in 2012…what!?
      Someone asked him about this movie. He only replied that his character is a priest and he can’t say the name of the character cause he could reveal the plot of the movie.
      Hmmm, very strange. Ben Affleck’s character is the leading role but Javier’s character name could reveal many things about the movie. This is getting interesting ; ) LOL

  4. I guess it has something to do with the treel of life movie, there’s talk of it being a triology of movies. I’ve only seen a couple of Malicks movie’s they are pretty long.

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