Great video. Video fantástico ;)

Last week “Los Lunes al Sol” was shown on the television in a spanish tv show called “Versión Español” (Spanish version). For those who don’t know the show I’ll explain it: they broadcast spanish films and after the movie they interview the actors, directors, etc who participated on the film. After the screening of the film, there was a discussion about what surrounded the film, experience and other things. In the panel were León de Aranoa (director), Luis Tosar (actor) and, of course, our dear Javier Bardem. The program paid tribute to Javier and Luis Tosar. Here it is (there is notneed  to speak spanish, the images speak for themselves).  Hope you enjoy, I really loved it.  Click in the pic in order to watch the clip

La semana pasada en “Versión Española” se transmitió la película “Los Lunes al Sol”. Después de la proyección hubo una mesa redonda y se discutió sobre la película y otras cosas. Entre las muchas cosas que hubo está este video, muy divertido. Es un mano a mano entre Javier y Luis Tosar.

Ojalá lo disfruten, a mí me encantó. Click en la foto para ver el video.

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6 thoughts on “Great video. Video fantástico ;)

  1. Great video, thanks for posting it, I’ve see quite a few of Javier’s movies but there were a few I didn’t recognize. Mondays in the Sun is my favorite Javier movie and I really like Tosar, I’ve seen some of his movies too. I have Cell 211 on my Netflix que if they ever release it in the states.
    By the way the new look of the site rocks!

    • I don’t know which movie is my favorite one. ??? 🙂
      I know that there are some movies hard to find. I keep them like a treasure LOL 😉

      By the way the new look of the site rocks!

      Thanks 😉

      • Thanks a bunch for the clip! It is well edited and fabulous. I couldn’t stop laughing at some scenes. It is a pity there are no English subtitles but even with those, some things don’t translate well… only Spanish speakers can understand the meaning… that’s the advantage of being… Spanish Steps! :=)

  2. On that site I saw the video with the discussion, too. It was nice to see him with Tosar and the director. I know they are great friends. It would be great another Bardem/Tosar movie together. Who knows if it will happen sooner or later.

  3. They are really hard to find in the states, especially for our DVD Region, I have a nice little collection, there is a region free copy of Jamon Jamon on ebay that I may have to buy but they want some $$$ for it.

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