I liked the idea of the calendar and I made this for this month. Hope you like it  (Click in the pic)  😉

Me gustó la idea de hacer un calendario para cada mes, aquí está el de Octubre. Ojalá les guste   (Click in the pic)  😉

By the way, I updated the magazines section.

Por cierto, actualice la sección de revistas.



15 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. What do you think about this? I never cared about her and I don’ t have a great opinion of her to be onest, but after all this talking about her being so “private” about her intimate life, hiding pregnancy, etc etc…..what is doing she now ? Posing with her bell in full view, maybe even naked, on Vogue cover. classy! And where is the coherence in this? I wonder how he feels about it, if it’s OK for him it’s really disappointing.

    Una Penélope Cruz embarazada posa en Madrid para ‘Vogue’

    El secreto ha sido desvelado. Penélope Cruz está en Madrid para hacerse una sesión de fotos embarazada para la revista ‘Vogue’. La actriz protagonizará la portada de diciembre.
    Penélope Cruz aparecerá por fin en público embarazada. ‘Vogue’ ha sido la publicación que ha conseguido que la actriz española más internacional se fotografíe como ya hicieron anteriormente otras ‘celebrities’ en estado como, por ejemplo, Demi Moore, Britney Spears o Claudia Schiffer.
    La sesión de fotos tiene lugar en Madrid durante estos días y está dirigida por uno de los grandes fotógrafos de moda por excelencia, Peter Lindberg.
    Habrá que esperar a diciembre para ver en ‘Vogue’ a Penélope Cruz, ya que la portada está pensada para la edición de final de año. Otra de las cuestiones que aún no se han desvelado es si la ganadora de un Oscar por ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ se hará las instantáneas con la tripa tapada o desnuda.

  2. Another article…. again, while it’s what you could expect from a person like she always was, I’m very disappointed with him if he’s ok with this.

    Pé Cruz dará exclusiva de embarazo a Vogue

    La actriz española presumirá su pancita para la revista, el fotógrafo Peter Lindbergh será el encargado de este exclusivo trabajo

    Aunque por muchas semanas Penélope Cruz quiso ocultar la noticia de su embarazo, ahora la española presumirá su tierna pancita a todo el mundo, en la revista Vogue.

    La actriz será fotografiada para el número de diciembre de la publicación, a quien concederá una exclusiva sesión de fotos.

    Se espera que para finales de año o inicio del próximo nazca el hijo o la hija de Cruz, ya que aún no se conoce el sexo del bebé.

    Con cinco meses de gestación, el reconocido fotógrafo Peter Lindbergh captará la belleza de la futura mamá, en un set que se montará en Madrid, España.

    Según la prensa española señala que el bebé nacerá en territorio español, aunque Penélope no ha querido revelar más detalles.

  3. First off , love the calendar, great pics of Jav. By the way when was that pic taken that you have of him on your twitter page background, he’s smokin hot in it.
    Secondly I had no idea what Rose was talking about until I read and googled the story about Pe’, good lord, she seems so different than Javi, it’s a little hard for the public to respect one’s privacy about a pregnancy when you go posing on a magazine, she doesn’t even have a movie to promote. That’s just inviting more paparazzi into their lives. Of course she’s never had a problem promoting herself with her various beauty contracts.
    Anyhow have you guys seen Eat Pray Love yet?

    • That’s just inviting more paparazzi into their lives

      I couldn’t agree more. The celebrities give an exclusive (birthdays, pregnancies. weddings, etc). But they don’t see further and don’t realize that once they have shared their privates moments, the press will continue to follow them everywhere… anyway *rolling eyes* LOL

      First off , love the calendar, great pics of Jav. By the way when was that pic taken that you have of him on your twitter page background, he’s smokin hot in it.

      I’m glad you liked it 😉 About the pic, that was taken when he was promoting “No country…” I found it on the web. You should see the pics taken for Esquire Magazine (spanish issue) he looks awesome *drooling* LOL. The pics were taken a few years ago but they are great. I haven’t had time to scan the magazines but I’ll try to do it and I’ll show you the pics, ok? 😉

      Anyhow have you guys seen Eat Pray Love yet?

      No, I haven’t seen it. The truth is that everybody says that the movie is bad and Javier only appears in the movie 15 or 20 minutes. And… I don’t know :/ LOL

  4. Well Cat, it’s obvious that what she loves more isn’t her privacy ….but success, money, fame, being on red carpets, on magazine’s covers and in headlines. I’ m pretty sure all this privacy love comes just from him because she was always very public with her life and with all her millions of love affairs, flirts, publicity stunts relationships, etc. So it’s really not surprising that a person like her is going to sell her pregnancy, too for money and headlines. I wonder how she will feel when in a few years she will be 40 and more, so magazines, publicists and even Hollywood will be much less interested in her.
    I don’t know what to think about him, he was more interesting because he was “different”…but now…I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense that he refused to say a word about her pregnancy with Spanish media while he was in San Sebastian… but then she runs to sell her pregnancy exclusive to Vogue.
    And what about his ideologies? Sorry if I’m so tough….
    No, I haven’t seen EPL…I live in a very small place and it wasn’t shown here. Italian reviews were terrible. I’m sure Beautiful won’t be shown where I live either, so I’ll have to wait the DVD.

  5. Rose I feel the same way about her, when I saw he was seeing her I was like “of course he’s going to win an oscar so she’s going to ride on that carpet for awhile” but then it continued, I found it weird that she stayed in Hollywood after winning her Oscar and Javi was injured, plus he had his 40th Bday which is a big thing (trust me I know) she was at a Bball game in CA. WTF. I liked her in Volver and Elegy and a lot of her spanish films, but she is a product of marketing (and I still say doing horrible things for an Oscar, trust me there are stories about her and Harvey Weinsten during the VCB publicity tour, he has a terrible reputation about how he will help you get jobs and awards). I just feel that Javier is about the acting, he will promote a movie, but just the movie and I like that, if you look Pe she wants it all the Mag covers, contracts and she wants to be scene with who ever is currently at the top, I feel it will eventually be the breaking point for them.

  6. Cat I agree with you….plus I don’t like her as actress, I find her voice so annoying, so I can’t say I have seen many of her movies and now I plan to avoid everything with her in it, in future. Well, Weinstein really helped her to get another (and undeserved, in my opinion) nom for Nine, right? Too bad, he hasn’t Weinstein helping him so it’s unlikely he can get a nom for Biutiful bc even if he’s very good the movie is in Spanish and it’ s said too dark. But, you know, Oscar aren’t a serious thing most of times…so she has 3 Oscar noms and he only 2. Anyway, with these pregnancy pics she shows once again that money and fame are the most important thing for her and how hypocrite and false she is when talks about how much privacy is important for her. This story is so disappointing….but I keep wondering his feelings about these photos. If it’s ok for him…well, I find it really disappointing because of his political ideas, past behaviour…I don’t understand, how can he be with a woman that is going to sell her pregnancy for money and because she can’t live without being EVERYMONTH on a magazine cover? I think this is going to put even him in a bad light, because of the incoherence of the behaviour, first of all in Spain.
    If, like you say, she will dump him in a near future for another co-star, producer or whatever will be… maybe it won’t be a bad thing for him so hopefully he can find someone more suitable for him and his behaviour.
    Well, I wrote too much… I won’t say anything about her anymore bc she really doesn’t deserve I waste my time thinking or writing of her. I’ ll just ignore completely her and everything about her, now and in future. I won’t watch anymore pics of them together either LOL

    Have you seen this old interview? It seems to me that he was better, more natural and “true” before all this gossip craziness.

  7. I love his Charlie Rose interviews, I think they genuinely like each other and it always seems to get into politics, which I don’t understand a lot about Spanish politics but it’s great to see someone who cares.
    I’m just hoping he gets nominated for the Oscar, but the word is already that Colin Firth is a sure win because he’s been nominated several times and never won, the oscars are famous for “giving it” to an actor that hasn’t won after being nominated case in point Russell Crow for Gladiator, I think we all know who should have really won that year.
    And trying not mention “her” again but she stole the nom for the Oscar last year from Juliana Moore who should have gotten the nomination for A Single Man, which was a Weinstein production also, but of course Juliana is a happily married mother that seem to not “bend over” to get a job, she uses her talent. Hopefully whe will get nominated for the “The Kids Allright” this year, she was great in it.

  8. Yes, I have read about Firth almost sure win, too… so I was just talking about a nom, of course.
    Maybe he will go again on Charlie Rose when Biutiful is released.

  9. Wow no one says anything on this site for a week and then boom, we must all be at home this weekend. I appreciate this site because it is Javier fans and is monitored, I see no need for fighting or trolling, that’s why I don’t like the IMDB boards and some of the blog sites and I think we do pretty well for not all being english speaking and for one of us that doesn’t speak spanish at all (yes I’m guilty), I have my google translator which works pretty well but not perfect. I hope I never come across as being mean, I love Javier and his movies, do I like some of his personal life choices, well no, and I did read a story on a spanish site where the reporters were complaning about the no asking about his personal life request, but his people tell the same thing to the US reporters during the EPL interviews. In fact I read were he got up and walked out on an interview during NCFOM press junkets. Has he always been that way are was he more open in his earlier life when he was dating his translator?
    I can understand when your promoting a movie and your surrounded by your co-stars and director and the interviewers just ask you about your personal life and not your involvement in the movie, it’s probably embarassing and doesn’t help the movie much and trust me EPL needed it.

  10. Cat, there are pics of him with his previous girlfriend at Oscar ceremony, Golden Globe, etc and it seems to me that I have read something about her in some old interviews. So, I would say he was more open but it’s normal. But his story with Belen Rueda was very secretive, it seems. I really liked her in The sea inside and The orphanage.

  11. I loved Sea Inside, I felt for the Julia character, it was so sad that her husband would not help her die, I’ve seen most of the orphanage, it’s on my netflix, I need to finish watching it. I’ve seen pictures of his ex Christina and some of Belen who I think is very pretty, is she a pretty famous spanish actress?
    LOL, I’m flipping through channels right now and VCB is on, I have it on DVD but I might as well watch it on Showtime. Javier looked great in this movie, though the guy who does the voice over sucks, a terrible voice.

  12. Well, I don’t know much about Belen Rueda but I’ve read “The sea inside” was her first movie. I don’t remember well but maybe she was famous for being in some brilliant Tv series or shows. But she is a very good drama actress, too. I think she’s working a lot in Spanish movies now. I think his ex Christina was very pretty, prettier than Belen.

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