Premiere in Rome/Premiere en Roma

Pics of the premiere of “Eat, Pray, Love” in Rome, Italy at the Space Moderno Cinema.

During the press conference Javier was asked about his upcoming parenthood. He only replied this:”I am very happy to be a father, I won’t say anything more”.

Javier will be very busy during the next weeks. The next month “Biutiful” is due to be released.

Fotos de la premiere de “Eat, Pray, Love” en Roma, Italia en el Space moderno Cinema.

Durante la conferencia de prensa no faltó la pregunta obligada sobre su próxima paternidad, a lo cual Javier solamente se limitó a decir: “Estoy muy contento de ser padre, no diré más”.

Javier estará muy ocupado con la promoción de la película “Biutiful”, la cual está programada para estrenarse el siguiente mes.

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Source, fuente: Yahoo, JustJared


10 thoughts on “Premiere in Rome/Premiere en Roma

  1. Julia Roberts parece una señorona con ese vestido esta fatal,el muy elegante.
    Se le ve feliz,me parece un logro por parte de los periodistas italianos que le sacaran una palabra sobre su paternidad,ya veremos que dice cuando llegue el lunes a San Sebastian.

  2. Do you live in Spain?

    Here there are 2 videos from Italian Tv news:
    This one talks (bad) about the movie, there is JR of course but a bit of Javier, too. At the end, the interviewer asks him if the baby will be a boy or a girl and he answers in Spanish that he doesn’t know…well you can hear this by yourself. Who knows if it’s true he doesn’t know it, and I noticed in every interview he says “Esto muy contento” LOL

    In this one, at the end, they congratulated him and asked about the baby.

  3. I wish I spoke spanish and italian, but at least I get to watch him, he looks really happy. Thanks for the video or should I say Gracias.
    PS I bought my Esquire today, the pics are amazing.

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