Javier Bardem… É molto Bello!!!

Javier in Rome presenting Eat, Pray,Love or “PREGA, MANGIA, AMA”!!! More pics and in their original size on “Events” page.

Javier en Roma presentado Eat, Pray, Love o en italiano “PREGA, MANGIA, AMA”!!!. Para ver más fotos y en su tamaño original ir a la página de “Eventos”


Meanwhile, people are preparing everything for the San Sebastian Film Festival which opens next week.

Mientras tanto, en San Sebastián ya preparan los últimos detalles para el festival de cine que abre la próxima semana.

Source, Fuente: Yahoo


7 thoughts on “Javier Bardem… É molto Bello!!!

  1. Don’t like Julia’s hair or outfit and I’m sick her hanging on Javier, but he looks good, I like him in a suit with tie better as in the pic I’m trying to attach from the evening premier (PS I don’t like her outfit in this pic either, I have told you guys I’m not a fan of hers right). Have any of you seen EPL yet, it seems so weird to see it premiering in other countries when it’s been open here for 2 months.

    • I have to wait until next week to see the movie. Usually the big budget movies are released simultaneously in the US and in other countries. Although it is a movie that has important actors, the audience to whom it is addressed is not large enough to release it at the same time in other countries.
      The same thing is going to happen with “Biutiful”, the disadvantage to the film is that it is in Spanish, not English. And, generally, people do not like going to the cinema to see movies with subtitles.
      Thanks for the link 😉

  2. The EPL Italian reviews aren’t that good and considering that he’s only in the last of the movie….I think I’ll wait for the DVD.

  3. Actually I’m jealous you will get Biutiful, which is the Javier movie I would rather see this year, we have a pretty good Arts movie theatre in our state capital so I’m hoping to see it there. I like more of the artsy/foreign films, I’m not so much into the mainstream movies, it kills me when you read about a movie being shot and released within 6 months time, how much effort is really put into it in a few months of editing.
    Rose I’m jealous I wished I lived in Italy your country is on my must travel too countries.
    Enjoy your Friday

  4. Yo nunca entendere como Javier ha rodado una pelicula con Julia Roberts,la reina de las comedias románticas,a Javier no le pega estas cosas.

  5. Cat, think that USA is one of my dream country travel, instead. LOL

    Well, about EPL….the italian reviews are really terrible, even worser than the American ones. They say it’s full of stupid chichès about Italy, etc. One reviewer even said that it hurts to see the great and glorious Bardem doing the latin lover in a movie like this, another idiot reviewer even said that Julia Roberts and Javier should get Razzies nods for this! The American reviews were most bad for the film but good for him, so…But it seems that in the Italian version Javier’s dubbed voice is very bad and with a silly accent that makes him ridicule.
    Is this film really so bad? I’m not a Julia Roberts fan either.

    Ah, in the press conference he said that doesn’t understand why Italians keep voting for Silvio Berlusconi…so it’s getting some critics for this quote, too. I fully agree with him, but maybe it wasn’t a good idea talking about politic.

  6. I read the book, I love reading, this book was not that great from the beginning, but the acting is not that bad and not worth the razzy, you have to understand, Julia is hated here, she just did a whole cover story about against plastic surgery and she obviously has had her boobs done from pics in Hawaii a month ago, plus she was horrible last year on the Golden Globes red carpet when she asked about giving up the Proposal and Blind Side both to Sandra Bullock, she just was a jerk and wasn’t classy at all, Sandra is loved here.
    But anyhow the movie was okay, Richard Jenkins and Javi was worth the money, so Rose go see it and enjoy these two great actors.

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