Here comes “Biutiful”/Aquí viene “Biutiful”

The next month “Biutiful” will be released in theaters (Yeah!!!) Here is the first of many (I hope LOL) covers for Javier. I’ll have to save enough money in order to buy tons of magazines  YES!!! 🙂   I have the feeling this won’t be the only cover for Javier, what do you think?  🙂

El mes entrante se estrena en cines la película “Biutiful” (¡¡¡Sí!!!)Tendré que ahorrar dinero, pues tengo la ligera sospecha que no será la primera ni última portada para Javi   😉


The pics are great. Javier looks a-ma-zing!!!   

Thanks to Rose for the link  😉

Las fotos están geniales . Javier está gua-pi-sí-mo!!!  

I think the magazine is onnewsstands next week.

La revista estará a la venta la semana entrante.


Source, fuente: EsquireMagazine


4 thoughts on “Here comes “Biutiful”/Aquí viene “Biutiful”

  1. It was a weird interview, it sounds like he’s going through mid-life crisis like all men do, he needs to cut-out the smokes, coke and work out and I bet he would feel better, and he might as well face-it that he’s still a hyprochondriac. I read an interview from several years ago where he talked a little about this, sounds like it still haunts him. And what about the not drinking I swear I’ve seen recent photos of him drinking wine, if that’s not drinking I’m doing okay with my not drinking also:)
    I loved the photos, can’t wait to buy the magazine and hopefully some more pics.

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