Out&About in Santa Monica/Paseando en Santa Monica

For those who wondered where Javier was. Here are some pictures. Click in “Candids” page to see all the pictures:

Para aquellos que se preguntaban que hace Javier estos días. Les dejo unas fotos. Vayan a “Candids” y verán el resto de las fotos.


Source, fuente:CG


19 thoughts on “Out&About in Santa Monica/Paseando en Santa Monica

  1. What’s your opinion, does she look preggers? I wouldn’t think shooting a movie like Pirates being pregnant would be a smart thing, but from the looks of her wardrobe for that movie it’s pretty layered so it could possibly hide a bump. She has definitely gained weight (of course so has Javi, sympathy weight maybe?). She’s just been pictured lately wearing a heavily layered or baggy clothing.

  2. Haha I just saw a pic of JSimp, the other day and they had her so squeezed into a dress that the zipper was pulling apart. I have to admit Javi has not looked very in shape lately, I liked how he looked better a few years ago. When they posted those pics of him and Pe on the beach in Hawaii this summer I about died. I’m going to excuse him since he just had major back surgery a year ago or it could be her fault.:)

    • Yes, Javier has gained weight. Personally, I prefer to see him with short hair and shaved. I love to wear comfortable like everybody but it wouldn’t “hurt him” to dress up sometimes, don’t you think? 😉 LOL

  3. Yes, he needs to lose weight.
    About her….I don’t know, but it only seems to me she has gained a little of weight (but not that much) and those baggy clothing make her look way bigger.I don’t think she looks pregnant, I see a large shirt but not a bell and she’ s shooting a movie like Pirates, now. And then….how many times has she seemed or has been said to be pregnant? LOL . Plus, her rep denied loudly (twice) that she was pregnant, in July. So, it would be really, I don’t know, “bad” for her credibility to deny it in that way if it was true, bc a pregnancy is not a thing you can hyde for a long time. I read she’ s going to shoot as the main protagonist and to co-produce a movie here in Italy, starting in February 2011. In April, she said in an interview that she feels it will be one of the most important roles in her career. So, it doesn’ t seem there is place for a pregnancy in her near future ….even if she’ s already 36.

    p.s.: Sergio Castellitto, the director of her next movie, said he would like to have Javier for a role, too. I haven’t heard anything anymore so maybe he refused and I must agree, because his role ( I read the plot) would be just a very supporting one. I think he needs to do lead roles, at least in European movies, not just supporting ones…. and not to her.

  4. I agree with you both he needs to hit the gym and who knows about her, I thought she looked pregnant last summer, she did give an interview on how her body is changing with the older she gets and I don’t think they would announce a pregnancy, I was suprised about the marriage announcement. Neither of them have done much work wise lately, Javier’s role in EPL was minimal and she had a bout 2 lines in SINTC2, it sounds like the Malick movie he’s not the lead, I agree with Rose he needs a good lead movie. I guess I will keep my fingers crossed that we actually get Biutiful somewhere around here in January.

  5. I saw the link doesn’t work (for me at least), so I post the article. Cat, is Ted Casablanca from E online a reliable source?

    Is Penélope Cruz Pregnant?

    It’s time to start the rumor mill for the zillionth time about whether newlyweds Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are going to have a sure-to-be gorgeous kid together. And no, we’re not speculating because P.Cruz is looking more voluptuous than usual (hate when rags do that).

    In fact, Cruz has been pretty MIA when it has come to paparazzi shots recently, anybody notice that?

    The last ones we’ve seen were on Aug. 31 when pretty P. was filming Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp, and you can’t tell a whole lot with that get up (except that she’s still friggin’ hot). Before that, P was papped eating at Antonio’s Italian restaurant on Melrose in West Hollywood and you aren’t able to see much there, either, since she’s sitting down—as people are wont to do in restaurants, ya know.

    However, sources tell us that Javier has been confirming to a few select friends what blogs had prematurely speculated for months: that Penélope is indeed preggers! Such fab news.

    We’ve put in a call to Cruz’s rep, who, simply responded, “I got nothing for ya.” Hmmm. Doesn’t it mean something when the rep crowd switches into the more familiar incorrect friend-speak? None of that snitty no comment tii you burn in hell biz, but, alas, we digress.

    Days after Penélope and Javier married earlier this summer, Life & Style reported Cruz was expecting, however her rep said back then not true.

    Bardem and Cruz married in the Bahamas in July, and while we doubt it was entirely a shotgun wedding since these two are legit into each other, we also don’t doubt PC could be prepping for her next role…motherhood.

    We so hope this is true! Can you imagine the stunner of a kid they’ll have? If it’s true, congrats to you both! If not, get busy baby-making, kids.

    Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b199405_peneacutelope_cruz_pregnant.html#ixzz0ya5FfveM

  6. It would be foolish to hide it. Either way the press and the public will know about it sooner or later. I would be happy for Javier, because to be honest, the life and career of Penelope I don’t care too much… Sorry! 😉 LOL

  7. Haha, you two kill me I feel the same for Penelope, of course I’m old school remembering when she appeared on Tom C. arm right after he left Nicole (to this day I can’t believe she starred in Nine with PC), she has always struck me as dating someone who help her move up in the business. I can’t imagine JB marrying someone unless he was really in love so I’m assuming it’s the real deal. I always thought their relationship wouldn’t make it because she is so commercial with L’oreal, Mango, and perfume ads and if I remember he said he wouldn’t sell-out that way (I don’t know about Spain, but I’ve never seen him endorse a product), plus she is one of those celebs the paps love, so they will always be out looking for her. Rose your question about Ted C. is he’s pretty reliable, I watch E! channel for the celeb news. I want to know what you think about his mom liking Penelope, there were rumors going around that Pe didn’t like Pilar’s involvement in their lives. I swear when he was giving his acceptance speech in Cannes, Pilar was kind of half glaring at Pe when Javier was confessing his love for her. All I can say if Pe ever does Javi wrong Pilar will cut her up.

  8. I agree with you about her. LOL
    And I have to add that not only I never cared about her but she has even always annoyed me with all the things surrounding her.

  9. Hijas mias despertar! Penélope y Javier estan juntos y se conocen desde adolescentes,además el siempre ha estado enamorado de ella,eso lo sabemos todos en España,y os podeis morir de la envidia porque es ella la que esta con el no vosotras.
    Go PE!!!!! hahahaha

  10. Cat, I wrote my message before reading your. I completely agree with everything you wrote about her. I really can’t see what they can have in commun apart being Spanish. I have seen some pics of his longtime girlfriend Cristina and I think she was beautiful and classy….he should have married her! LOL
    Anyway, about the rumours of Pilar’s involvement in their lifes or of her being hungry with his sister Monica, I think it’s just silly Spanish gossip. Then, I read an interview where Pilar said she loves Pe…but who can really knows….

  11. Que raro me parece que EEUU exista la censura,pero desgraciadamente es asi,una pena que este sitio que esta dedicado a un actor español,se censure a una persona por utilizar el idioma de el para expresarse.

    Es muy triste,francamente.


    • Carmen:

      No había checado los comentarios. Antes de publicarlos hay que aprobarlos, pues la mayoría de los mensajes son spam.
      Mi intención no es censurar, ni mucho menos por hablar en español. Este website está publicado tanto en inglés como en español. El castellano también es mi idioma y me encanta.
      Por cierto, este sitio no es de EU.
      Saludos 😉

  12. Perdón entonces,no utilizo el inglés porque no tengo mucha idea,(ya que en el colegio estudiaba francés)por eso me expreso en mi idioma.

    Respecto al comentario general de que Penélope ha salido con hombres por ascender y conseguir fama me parece desafortunado,puesto que ella antes de llegar a EEUU ya tenia una extensa carrera cinematográfica en España y era una actriz reconocida aqui,es más, siempre ha sido muy inteligente en ese aspecto ya que nunca ha dejado de lado su carrera en España y Europa que es donde se le da la oportunidad de mejorar como actriz,en Hollywood nunca se le ha valorado si no solo hay que ver los papeles que se le ofrecieron en un principio.

    Javier estuvo con Cristina si no recuerdo mal diez años,una chica muy guapa y discreta,aunque también durante esa época a Javier se le relacionó con compañeras de trabajo como Aitana Sánchez Gijón y Ruth Gabriel,rodando Mar Adentro rompió con ella y dicen se enamoró de Belen Rueda con la que no estuvo mucho tiempo.Si el y Cristina no llegaron a casarse seria por algo,que solo ellos saben,pero lo que no se puede negar es que siempre ha mantenido una estrecha relación con Penélope de la que siempre a hablado maravillas.

    Pilar Bardem aprecia mucho a Penélope,siempre habla muy bien de ella,además la escena que rodaron juntas en “Carne Trémula” es de lo mejorcito de estas dos estupendas actrices.

    Como española estoy orgullosa de Javier y de Penélope,pero supongo que para una americana y una italiana es distinto.


  13. I wish I knew spanish, sometimes I think the translation from English to Spanish gets a little confusing, I was in no way slaming on Pe, but you have to admit a lot of her english movies have sucked, I loved her in Volver, Broken Embraces and Elegy. Since she is married to Javier (and from the pics on the web today definitely pregnant) she get a mention here and there, but I mainly get onto this site to talk and be informed about Javier. Living in the US we don’t get alot of press about him and I think he is one of the greatest actors out there and I find that this site has some great info and it’s nice to chat with other fans out there. Sarah keep up the great work, I check this site everyday and I think you will be really busy with Biutiful coming out, awards season and most likely an impending Bardem-Cruz on the way.

    • Cat:

      Don’t worry about the comments. As I said, I do not care about Penelope’s life or career. Personally, I don’t like her movies.
      However, many people take it as personal and I do not know why?. I love you to keep sharing links and everything you find on Javier. Because, after all, it is a site about and for Javier Bardem.
      Sorry if you felt offended 😦 I didn’t say more because I felt that it was not worth to give more explanations.
      Believe me Cat, You’re very welcome here 🙂 Hope you keep visiting this site, ok? 😉
      Don’t worry about speaking spanish, my english is not so good as I wish. Over all, I have problems with the prepositions, sometimes I don’t know when to use “in” or “on”; not to mention the phrasal verbs(too difficult) LOL ;P

  14. You didn’t say anything that insulated me, I felt that Carmen was upset about the talk of Penelope and the use of English on this site. I’m thankful for having a site that uses english. I love talking to people from other countries. PS: Confirmed 4-1/2 months pregnant, from looking at the pics I would have thought 6 months.

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