Premiere in NY (Videos)

Two videos of the premiere (one is in english, the second one is in spanish).

Dos videos de la premiere (uno es en inglés y el segundo es en español).

Source, fuente: ET, Hola


5 thoughts on “Premiere in NY (Videos)

  1. Do you know if they LA premier is tonite, I can’t find anything on the net. On a side note apparently Javier is in the new Mallick film which also star Ben Affleck who was reported saying the shooting for it starts in October in Oklahoma.

    • I don’t know anything about a premiere in LA. But I found out that tomorrow on Oprah there is a interview with the cast of “Eat, Pray, Love” 😉
      About the new projects, all are rumors. Javier hasn’t said what’s next, he only says “you’ll know it”. After “No country for old men” Javier decided to take time for himself and make movies not so often.
      He likes acting but promoting the movies, not so much ;P

  2. I can’t remember what interview I saw this week (there’s been a lot which has been great) but he did say he was doing the Mallick film, but I guess this director kind of works on his own speed since his last movie shot hasn’t even gotten a release date. There has been some news about maybe Biutiful getting a US distributor, the same group which has the Sundance winner Winter Bone which seems promising.

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