Eat, Pray, Love NY Premiere

Tomorrow it’s the premiere of Eat, Pray, Love in NY at the famous Ziegfeld theater.

The movie hits U.S. cinemas this Friday and in the rest of the world in September and October.

The picture is part of  Elle magazine (September issue). I loved it  


Mañana se llevará a cabo la premiere en la ciudad de Nueva York de la película Eat, Pray, Love en el ya famoso cine Ziegfeld.

La película llega a los cines de los E.U. este viernes, y se espera su estreno en el resto del mundo durante los meses de Septiembre y Octubre.

La foto es parte de un artículo publicado en la revista Elle del mes de Septiembre. A mí me encantó la foto 

Source, fuente: internet, Elle mag


4 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love NY Premiere

  1. Good hopefully they will have the premier pics up online Wednesday morning. I haven’t found the Elle yet, I figured it will be on the stands later this week. I’m ready for GMA in the morning and I get to see the movie on Sunday.

  2. Just watched Javi on GMC, it was your typical what made you want to do the movie kind of questions, he looked good, button down shirt, suit coat, a little stubble (which I love), they did congratulate him on his marriage to Penelope and he was wearing a wedding ring. It probably will be up on their site today, plus there are some pics of him on popsugar leaving LAX on Sunday night.

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