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Not only “People en Español” has included Javier as one of the best dressed men but also “Vanity Fair” magazine has done the same. It’s the first time Javier is included in this list. The magazine described him as a “diamond in the rough”. He looks great in jeans and a T-shirt but he also looks great in an italian suit.

Link to the video:

Thanks for the info Cat!

In the comments (post: tv appearances)there is a link of an interview with Javier promoting “Eat, Pray, Love”. This link was posting by Rose.

Thanks for the link Rose!


Javier no solamente es mencionado en la lista de los mejores vestidos en “People en Español”, sino también ha logrado colarse en la lista de este año de la publicación de “Vanity Fair”. Es su primer año en la lista de esta revista y se le ha catalogado como “Un diamante en bruto”. Debido a que Javier luce muy bien en vaqueros y camiseta, pero también luce igual de bien en traje.

Link para el video:

También, en los comentarios (post: “apariciones en tv”) encontrarán un link de un video de Javier promocionando “Eat, pray, love”.

UPDATE: Rose posted the link of a video. The link is in the comments of this post.

ACTUALIZACION: Rose encontró un video. El link está en los comentarios de este post.

Thanks Rose!!!

Source, fuente: TodayShow, Extra


5 thoughts on “News and more news/Notas y más notas

  1. Thanks Rose. I love Javier’s accent, I also find his english easy to understand but I think he still has a hard time getting his point across in English or they just ask him the dumbest questions. He’s also in Elle magazine with Julia. Keep posting clips as you find them, I’m not having any luck.

  2. Well, I found this (but maybe you already saw it). There are JR and the director, too…

    I found this other one, too…it’s most about JR but there is Javier, too. I guess it’s only a part of that Tv Guide Network programme, who knows if there will be a clip with the whole interview then….

    Ah…and I read he is scheduled to be on Good Morning America on Tuesday August 10th.

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