TV appearances/Apariciones en TV

According to Late Night TVsite, Javier will be on The Jay Leno Show next week (August 12th). Javier is promoting “Eat, Pray, Love”  which release date is scheduled August 13th.

Thanks for the info, Cat! 

De acuerdo a una página de internet especializada en programas de entrevistas nocturnos. Javier estará en el show the Jay Leno la próxima semana (Agosto 12) como parte de la promoción de la película “Eat, Pray, Love”. Así que para aquellos que tenga la oportunidad de verlo, por favor compartan sus opiniones. 😉

Source, fuente: Late Night Page


4 thoughts on “TV appearances/Apariciones en TV

  1. Man why did they cut him off, I wanted to hear what happened to him in LA when he was walking, if anyone finds the rest of that video post it or the link please. I have a feeling we are going to get spoiled with Javier interviews in the next couple of weeks, I’m so happy.

  2. About the Glee thing….here there is a Ryan Murphy’s quote at a press tour, yesterday.
    It’s strange that Javier said it wasn’t going to happen some days ago, while Murphy confirmed it just yesterday….even if he said they haven’t figured that out yet. Not that I find the Glee thing that exciting, but it’s still strange….

    p.s.: sorry for my bad english

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