TV Alert!, ¡No se lo pierdan!

A few minutes ago, I was watching ET. This TV show is preparing a special show with the stars of “Eat, pray, love”. They’ll include new images of the movie and exclusive interviews.

Don’t miss the show, next Monday! 😉


Hace unos minutos estaba viendo ET. El show anuncia una exclusiva para el próximo lunes con los actores “Eat, pray, love”. El programa incluirá escenas de la película y entrevistas con los actores de la pelí.

No se lo pierdan. Recuerden este lunes 26 de Julio 😉



Update: New pics. The link is posted in the comments of this post 😉

Actualización: Nuevas fotos. El link está en los comentarios de este post 😉

Thanks Rose & Cat!!! 😉

Source, fuente: ET


14 thoughts on “TV Alert!, ¡No se lo pierdan!

  1. I thought it was weird that they disappeared off the site too. They must have a good lawyer and publicist to get them taken off the site, she definetely looks preggers though! If she goes to the Biutiful premiers in the fall and winter there wil be no hiding it. It’s weird to see Javier with a wedding band on, he doesn’t strike me as a jewelry guy.

  2. Wow, came home tonite and Colleterall and NCfOM were on for the same time, good evening!. By the way Elmundo is claiming they are pregnant don’t know how reliable they are.

  3. “Wow, came home tonite and Colleterall and NCfOM were on for the same time, good evening!. ”

    Great 😉

    I read the “news” this morning but I won’t believe anything until they confirm it. :- /

  4. I read her rep already denied it, saying El Mundo’s article is completely false and she isn’t pregnant at all. So…with all these continuous false pregnancy’s rumours she really should stop to dress in that way that make she seem pregnant even if she isn’t. How weird that media are continuously saying that they are going to have a child….and then it’ s never true.

  5. Rose you crack me up, the loose top I can understand, but harem pants, yuck. That is not a good look for evan a supermodel, the crotch of your pants shouldn’t be at your knees. By the way how many Rolling Stones t-shirts do you think Javier owns?

  6. Yes, those pants are really horrible.
    I was thinking the same about the Rolling Stones t-shirts…he must own the entire collection, I guess. LOL

  7. Well I just watched tonites segment, I guess they will have a segment every night, tonite was pretty much a synopsis of the movie with an interview w/Julia, a few shots of Javier. Tomorrow night is the men of EPL. They are only about 5 minute segments.

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