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I had the chance to watch Iñarritu on TV, last night. He talked about “Biutiful” and Javier Bardem (just a little bit) 😉 I will tell you more later, ok?

I’m happy cause I know when “Biutiful” is going to be released where I live…Yeah!!!! 😀

What do you think about the trailer?


¿Tuvieron la oportunidad de ver la entrevista a Iñarritu?

Ya sabemos el día en que se estrenará. ¡Genial! 😀

¿Qué piensan del trailer?


10 thoughts on “News. Noticias

  1. You mentioned it’s going to be released were you are at, is that in the states? I noticed the new preview has an American voiceover, which I think is weird. I don’t speak spanish but if they don’t want to use a foreign language at least use a voiceover guy that has an accent. I’m still excited for it and I hope I get to see it in the theatre unlike Broken Embraces which I had to wait until the DVD came out.

    • No, I don’t live in the States.
      I don’t think the movie goes directly to DVD, I believe it will be released at the end of year for the Academy Awards but only in LA and NY. Although, if the movie gets important nominations, it might get a second released date, don’t you think? 😉

      P.S. The narrator in the spanish trailer is Iñarritu 😉

  2. I read the film hasn’t an US distributor yet because it’s too sad and depressing….so it’s not commercial at all and many reviews said the film was disappointing. Too bad for Javier because this could affects his chances to get another Oscar nom this year.

    p.s.: what do you think about that Potsdamer Platz project? I hope it’s not true.

  3. Rose,
    I’m thinking that’s why they are using a American voice over on the new trailer maybe to spark some distributor interest. In my mind I would think Javier is a bankable actor, but hollywood has a short memory and it has been three years since his oscar and he hasn’t done alot since then, which I respect. But VCB was just a small released American film, Biutiful is spanish, so hopefully EDP will bring home some more American attention.
    I hate to say anything about his personal life, but his announcement of marriage to Penelope might stir up some more attention too, she’s definetley a bigger “star” in the states.
    Postdamer Platz, I haven’t heard enough about it, but Mickey Rourke, eck. The Galapagos Affair sounds interesting, I have the book, but haven’t read it yet. Of course I love Kristin Scot Thomas and Juliette Binoche (The English Patient, sigh) so I would love all of them in a movie.

  4. Unfortunately I live in the midwest of the states, so foreign movies getting here are rare. Indianapolis didn’t get Broken Embraces until two weeks before the dvd release date, so I just saved the road trip and got it on Netflix. Now for a Javier movie I would take the hour trip and see it two weeks before DVD release date!!!
    I hate it when reviewers say movies are to depressing, last years oscar winner was about bomb disposal and death.

  5. There’s a grreat new interview with Javier on Elle’s magazine website for EPL promotion, it has some good stuff in it.

  6. I love that pic of him, I laugh about the top button of his jeans undone, I think he needs to lay of the potatoes and bread.

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