Details about the wedding. Algunos datos sobre la boda.

Javier’s sister spoke today about his brother’s wedding. Unfortunately, she couldn’t attend to the wedding because she is working but she talked to Javier and he understood the situation.

Monica Bardem mentioned that her mother and brother (Carlos) did attend to the wedding and they had a great time. She doesn’t know more about what happen there, but I’m sure the press will find out more. 😉 LOL


La hermana de Javier fue entrevistada por alguna televisora española y lo que pudo averiguar fue los siguiente: Su hermano (Carlos) y su madre asistieron a la cermonia, sin embargo, por razones de trabajo, Monica Bardem no pudo acompañar a Javier.

La misma Monica argumentó que habló con Javier y éste le dijo que no se preocupara; que comprendía la situación.

Los detalles ocurridos durante la cermonia no los conoce, aunque sabiendo como es la prensa del corazón, se las ingeniarán para conseguir más información. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Details about the wedding. Algunos datos sobre la boda.

  1. I was reading one of the spanish papers a few days ago and in the readers blogs someone mentioned they were on a flight leaving Spain going to Miami on the weekend of the 4th and Monica C and Goya T and a bunch of other Spanish actors were on it, plus there are pics of Monica C. getting drunk (on in Miami w/her Mom and I recognized the director of Mondays in the Sun w/her. Sounds like more than a few people. It’s to bad his sis wasn’t there.

  2. Aww the perks of being rich!!! I found it weird that his sister didn’t go, I know she runs the restaurant and has a new one opening, but I guess I assumed they were rich and would have people run the businesses for them. Hands on owners is respectable.

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