Surprise wedding. Boda sorpresa.

At this moment many of you have heard the news about Javier’s secret wedding. I’ve posted many links on Twitter, go and check them 😉

En estos momentos muchos ya deben saber sobre la boda de Javier. En caso de que no lo sepan o quieran leer más detalles, revisen la cuenta de Twitter. He “posteado” distintos links.  😉

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4 thoughts on “Surprise wedding. Boda sorpresa.

  1. Noooooooooooo! Just kidding, I’m happy for Javi and Penelope. I got married in the Bahamas, the place is beautiful. I wonder how he’s going to handle all the wedding questions on the EPL press tour?

    • I’m sure his manager will ask the press not to ask questions about it. The press could ask about the movie. I have to admit that’s a great move to promote EPL and Biutiful. 😀

  2. Yeah I kind of thought the timing of the announcement with the movie promotions would give them more hype. I wonder if Biutiful will show at the Venice festival and Tornoto film festival. Have you heard anything yet?

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