Javier on Glee??!! ¡¿Javier en la serie Glee?!

According to EW Javier will star on the second season of Glee. Bardem will play a rock star who befriends Artie.

To be honest I’ve just watched 1 or 2 episodes but if Javier is there, I won’t hesitate to watch it 😉 LOL

What do you think?? Good or bad idea? Please comment! 😉

De acuerdo a EW, Javier será estrella invitada en un capítulo de Glee en su segunda temporada. Javier personificará a una estrella de rock quien es amigo de Artie.

Para ser honesta, solamente he visto 1 o 2 capítulos de esta serie, pero cómo Javier saldrá en esta serie, no dudaré en darle un vistazo 😉

¿Qué piensan? ¿Buena idea o mala idea? Por favor comenten sobre esta nota. 😉

Source, fuente: EW


8 thoughts on “Javier on Glee??!! ¡¿Javier en la serie Glee?!

  1. Hi! From what I understand, it seems he will be a guest in 1 episode, so it seems good to me.
    But nothing about a new film?

    • Unfortunately, there is nothing about a new film. I asked a reporter to ask him about his next project, unfortunately the interview was too short and he couldn’t ask him anything else besides “Eat, pray, love” 😦

  2. When I first heard this I thought it was just a rumor, but I think it will give America a whole different side of him, I think he’s still trying to escape the Chigurh typecasting. I can’t wait though I’ve only seen 1 episode. I’m hoping he will be out promoting EPL soon, to bad it’s probably only a small part, at least in the book his character is only in the last section of the book.

    • Cat,
      Usually, the promotion starts two or three weeks before the release date.
      I haven’t read the book but I think you’re right. He has a small part and almost at the end of the movie. That means that I’ll have to see all the movie in order to see Javier. LOL 😛

  3. I’m dying to find out about any new projects. I read the book it was okay, but I’ve read better, I’m actually reading a spanish author right now The Angel’s Game, I’m loving it right now, makes me want to go to Barcelona.

  4. What about that Terrence Malick’s film? Wasn’t it supposed to be his next film project? It seemed more than just a rumor, but who knows.

  5. Well, I just read that the producer has denied the Javier’s cameo in Glee. So, it isn’t true, afterall.

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