Javier is/es “Biutiful”. :)

Uff, too much information and so little time 😉 LOL

After being shown for the first time, no one can say that “Biutiful” has triumphed or disappointed.

The critics agreed that Javier’s performance saves the film and everybody is saying that Javier could win the category of Best Actor. Any bets? 😉

On the other hand, critics agreed that the story is not completely developed and that the only good thing are the cinematography and the performances.

All I know is that the fans will go to the theaters and enjoy the moment and Javier, right? 😛

And for those who go to extremes and say “intellectual and deep thoughts”  I could tell them: Relax!!! Your comments make me think like the fate of  humanity  depends on one movie. There are more important things.

Please, give me a break!!!! Don’t be drama queens.

It’s only a movie and if it is good or bad does not mean the end of the world. Go outside and enjoy life 😉 … And, of course enjoy Javier’s performances 😉

Uff, tanta información y tan poco tiempo. 😉 jajaja

Después de ser mostrada al público por primera vez, las criticas y comentarios son variados.

Por un lado, la crítica concuerda que la actuación de Javier salva a la película e incluso lo colocan como favorito para ganar en la categoría a Mejor Actor.

Por otro lado, la crítica concuerda que la película no termina de “cuajar” y que la fotografía y las actuaciones sostienen la historia.

Lo cierto es que los fans de Javier iremos con gusto a ver la película y disfrutar de su actuación.

A título personal, me gustaría decirle a aquellos que hacen comentarios como “Tengo mucha fe en la película” como si hubieran invertido en ella o el destino de la humanidad dependiera en que todos estuvieran de acuerdo… ¡¡¡No sean tan drámaticos!!!.

¡¡¡Pobres “Pepinos”!!!  y en especial una “Pepina” que siempre nos quiere imponer su opinión. Vayan afuera, hay muchas cosas bonitas 😉


3 thoughts on “Javier is/es “Biutiful”. :)

  1. I think the reviews sound pretty positive, especially for Javier. Thanks for all of the links and videos today, I was laughing at the one where they were standing there getting their pictures taken and they started jumoing back and forth. It seems like those two are pretty good friends.

  2. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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