UJBA (Unofficial Javier Bardem Archive)

What is this? Well, the idea came from a good friend of mine. Thanks Ang 😉 She has her own archive but dedicated to David Copperfield; her archive has 1800 pages…Wow!! I hope someday I have a collection like that.

My personal collection includes this scrapbook (450 pages), all his movies, posters, books, pics of La Bardemcilla (I’ve been there 3 times…great food!!!, btw LOL) ;P and 3 dvds full of interviews, specials and other stuff.

I just wanted to share my collection with the fans 😉

¿Qué significa esto?

Bueno, la idea vino de una amiga que tiene su propia colección (dedicada a David Copperfield) durante varios años ella se ha dedicado aconseguir cada artículo, foto y especial. Su colección consta de una libro de recortes de 1800 páginas…Wow!! ojalá llegue a tener una colección de ese tamaño 😉

My colección personal incluye una carpeta llena de recortes que tiene 450 páginas, libros, todas sus películas, fotos de la Bardemcilla (He comido ahí 3 veces y la comida está riquísima, por cierto) 😛 y 3 dvds llenos de entrevistas y programas especiales dedicados a Javier.

Solamente quería compartir my colección con los fans. 😉

Source,Fuente: Javier Bardem Fansite&Blog


5 thoughts on “UJBA (Unofficial Javier Bardem Archive)

  1. Wow! That is quite a collection, I’m a little concerned about your friends fascination with David Copperfield though, but to each his own!!! I have a almost all of his movies but have not gotten lucky finding a dvd of jamon jamon that’s playable in the US, I found an overseas seller on ebay but it kind of scared me if it would play or ot, I hate to part with cash for something that may not work.
    You need to post your pics from his restaurant I would love to see them, I would love to make it over to Spain sometime.

  2. [quote]I’m a little concerned about your friends fascination with David Copperfield [/quote]
    No, no, no!!!! she’s great. People who like David Copperfield we helped her to get many magazines clippings and other stuff and many people would love to have a collection like that. We have had the chance to meet David(btw, he’s very polite and nice) 😉

    You’re right, there are many movies that are only region 2. I bought many of the moovies in Spain. I don’t remember the region of my copy of “Jamón Jamón”. Btw, there is a book that contains the whole story of jamon, jamón, how they chose the cast, there are many pictures before, during and after the shooting and many other things. (I also bought the book in Spain).

    • I’m glad your friend got to meet David, I’m sure that’s was a pretty awesome time.
      The book about Jamon Jamon would be a good read, I wish his mother’s autobiography was in English.

      • I also had the chance to meet David Copperfield, I hope one day I have the chance to meet Javier, too 😉
        Pilar Bardem’s biography is an interesting book. Like you said, it’s a book that is only available in in spanish and you can only get it in Spain. I bought it 5 years ago.
        The book has a lot of pictures but there is one that’s my favorite: Javier was 12 years old, his brother was 16 or 17years old and her sister was… I don’t remember her age but all of them were young. Next to that picture, there is a recent picture, including Javier’s nephew.

  3. Is there anyway you could scan those pics in and post them or send them to my email, I would like to see some younger pics of Javi and also of his family (I’ve never seen his sister), if you’re to busy I understand. there are new pics of Javier and Penelope on the jjb website today, I gues they left LA to NY, hopefully he will be in Cannes.

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