Shooting Eat, Pray, Love

Looks like someone has eaten  too much during these months. LOL 😛 Sorry, but Javier has gained some weight , don’t you think? And, he is smoking again.

Javier you looked so good a few months ago, what happened?!

Here is with Julia Roberts in NY. Sorry, they are filming in Bali.

Parece que alguien ha estado comiendo de más durante estos meses de descanso. Jajaja 😛 Perdón, pero Javier se ve un poco “rellenito”, ¿no creen? Y además está fumando nuevamente.

Javier, hace algunos mese te veías excelente, ¿Qué te pasó?

Aquí está una foto de Javier con Julia Roberts en Nueva York.

Source, Fuente:Popsugar


One thought on “Shooting Eat, Pray, Love

  1. I think it’s just the way the camera is postioned.
    I saw all the Reuters photos and he actually looks quite thin and very handsome.

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